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Smart Questions

A student’s on-track inquisitiveness

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


Here are some more poker questions from a student that indicate he’s on the right track in his inquisitiveness. This is the same student I wrote about in my previous two columns. Client: I pick up pocket aces and bring it in for four times the big blind. There is only one caller, a player in middle position. The flop comes 10-10-4 with a flush draw (I do not have the ace of that suit). I bet $15 and my opponent immediately makes it $45. At this point, I put him on one of these hands: a pocket pair, a hand with a 10, or a flush draw. A 10 seems the least likely of the three, as most players would smooth-call and wait for me to bet again, but you never know. His most likely hand, in my mind, is a flush draw. Do you agree with this read? ...

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