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Generation Next - Huy Nguyen Leaves the Corporate World in the Dust

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


Practically before his skyward-flung graduation cap and tassel had hit the ground, Huy Nguyen had landed a premium corporate job. He packed up his belongings at Oklahoma State University and set up shop at his new desk at IBM in Tulsa. His mom and dad were proud. His girlfriend and the girlfriend’s parents were impressed. From the outside looking in, Nguyen’s world seemed perfect. Don’t be deceived, though, as he was utterly miserable — and poker was partially to blame. Nguyen, 25, had achieved some poker success in online tournaments during college, and dreamed of turning professional one day. But like a good son, he begrudgingly followed the advice of his family and friends and chose the security of a corporate paycheck. But after two long years, enough was enough. Something had to give. “I would wake up each day hating my job,” said Nguyen. “Then, I would go home ...

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