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Players Don’t Always Know the Rules

Clarification of some TDA rules

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


I recently spent a week playing in poker tournaments outside of Las Vegas. Several situations occurred at my tables during tournament play that I think are worth mentioning, because there seems to be some misunderstanding of some of the TDA [Tournament Directors Association] rules. In fact, I heard players quoting TDA rules to others at the table that were flat-out incorrect. Since there seems to be so many misconceptions about the TDA rules, I will clarify some of the most commonly misunderstood regulations. In the first incident, a player exposed one of his cards to an opponent in the middle of a hand. Several of the players at the table told the dealer to kill his hand, because they thought that exposing a card in the middle of a hand should result in the hand being ruled dead. I spoke up and asked the dealer to call the floorman before he ...

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