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What to Think About When You See a Flop — Part I

Utilize a structured process

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


Regardless of which limit hold’em game I am playing, I see this happen: A few players are in before the flop. The flop hits, someone bets, and far more players call than you would expect to have caught a significant piece of the flop. Remarkably, this seems to happen almost regardless of the flop. K-8-2 is just as likely to attract four or five callers as J-10-9. Oftentimes, I am the only one folding on the flop. While I am folding, I wonder what is going on in the minds of the callers. I got some insight into this recently when there was a bet and a raise on the flop. A loose player squirmed around for a while, then said, “I really hate to fold this hand. I am sure that I am going to pick up some kind of draw.” Perhaps it’s the draw-for-a-draw mentality that keeps these ...

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