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Hand 2 Hand Combat - Andres Pereyra Utilizes Sharp Hand-Reading Skills Versus a Strong and a Weak Opponent

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


Hand No. 1 Event: Full Tilt Poker no-limit hold’em tournament Buy-in: $163 Players in the Event: 451 First Place: $21,000 Andres “andressoprano” Pereyra raises to 100 from the hijack position with the 9♠ 9♣. The villain calls from the button. Flop: A♠ 9♦ 4♠ (pot: 260) Andressoprano bets 140. CT: A lot of players might check here when they’ve flopped a monster. What’s the plan? AP: Well, I decided to make a continuation-bet instead of follow a check-call or check-raise line that would look very strong and possibly get the villain to fold a one-pair hand such as A-J or A-Q. The villain calls. CT: So, what’s the best line to take to get maximum value? AP: One of the difficulties of playing out of position is extracting value with big hands. If I check-call or check-raise, I show some strength, but a continuation-bet is standard in most cases, and ...

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