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Beating the Tourists in Vegas

How to play against a few player types

by Ed Miller |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


Most poker rooms around the country serve primarily a local clientele. Las Vegas is different. The cardrooms in Vegas get a mix of locals, tourists, and even people who have moved to Vegas expressly to play poker. This causes the small-stakes games in Vegas to play a bit differently than games anywhere else. In this column, I’ll run down a few of the player types you’ll encounter among the tourists in a Las Vegas $1-$2 no-limit hold’em game, and how you should play against them. My next column will discuss playing against Vegas locals. The First-Timer If you play at night, you’re fairly likely to have a first-timer at your table. He often doesn’t know the basic rules, and finds himself making basic errors, like string-bets, playing out of turn, and so on. First-timers don’t understand hand values at all. Also, they typically are impatient players. If they don’t win ...

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