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Padraig Parkinson

17 May 09:10

Jesse May Visits The Sporting Emporium

About a decade ago, Scott Gray and I set out on a two week tour to play poker with the Irish grassroots players who are the heartbeat of the game here. It’s always tremendous craic. Tim O’Sullivan invited ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

17 Mar 09:53

Irish Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

Like everyone else, I’ve watched in horror as civilians have been slaughtered in Ukraine and millions forced to flee the country. But every time you are about to lose faith in mankind, good people stand up and take ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

11 Feb 12:11

Bad News. Good News.

About a week before the end of WSOP 2021, Carol Mikharov clocked out after her shift in The Rio card room. She wasn’t feeling well, went to hospital and, sadly, never came home. She joined the list of ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

20 Oct 11:30

Parkinson: Back To The Future

One Tuesday night in the mid-eighties, I drove to Hanlon’s corner in Dublin to check out The Eccentric’s Club. I could tell you it was because it was where the first no limit hold’em tournaments to be held ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

05 May 18:24

Parkinson: A Walk In The Dark

A few years ago, Eamonn picked up Mary and me in Athlone. We were headed for Clifden, which is about the nearest you can get to America without leaving Ireland. It is a two hour drive for a ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

27 Mar 06:47

The Luck Of The Irish: WSOP Bracelet Winners & Main Event Finalists

With the Irish, it’s never easy. If you were to ask Irish poker players how many WSOP bracelets the Irish have won, you would, as usual, get lots of stupid answers, as well as lots of five, six, ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

01 Feb 10:37

Parkinson: A Double Treble

A hugely unlikely double treble owed its origins to a conversation I had at 7 am in 1997 in a bar on the Champs-Elysées with George Geary, a Manchester player who had been a frequent visitor to the ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

08 Jan 12:46

Another Vegas Light Goes Out But The Laughter Lives On

A few days ago, I called my friend John Sheffield, better known as Vegas legend Scof. He told me he’d had an operation due to cancer. I panicked and asked if he was in hospital. When he asked ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

08 Sep 12:44

Rest In Peace Mike Sexton: The People's Champion

Last night, we lost a giant who in the words of the other voice of poker, Mr Jesse May, “put on a suit and tie every day to demand respect for the game we love, whose vision for ... Read More

Jonathan Little

22 Jun 08:52

Relaxation? – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 6-22-2020

Get your 4-handed charts now at HERE POKER COACHING: has grown and now offers top-level coaching from myself, Jonathan Jaffe, Matt Affleck, Faraz Jaka, Michael Acevedo, Lexy Gavin, Tristan Wade, Alex Fitzgerald, and Evan Jarvis! Let me ... Read More

Padraig Parkinson

20 Jun 15:45

Late Night Poker: A Week That Changed The World

One afternoon, a little over 20 years ago, I wandered into the tiny bar in the Aviation Club for a beer and a bit of craic with the bartender. Shortly afterwards, I was joined by journalist and magazine ... Read More
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