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Game Selection

Important factors to consider

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


What are the factors in choosing which poker game is best for you? Well, last time, I discussed which game and limit you should be playing. Beyond that, you’ll want to play in the game with the least-skilled players and/or the players who are gambling the most. Oftentimes, you can tell by the amount of chips on the table if it’s a good game or not. If the chips are flying, players tend to go broke and rebuy, and as a result, a lot of chips accumulate on the table. This can be deceiving, though. Sometimes, tight players buy in for way more chips than they need, trying to either impress people or possibly give the illusion that they have been gambling. (If you are one of these players — get over yourself! No one’s impressed that you bought into a $10-$20 limit game for $10,000.) Stop and watch a ...

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