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Which Help Should You Get?

Part VI: Are you too fearless?

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 18, 2011


My last column said that some players need help against “monsters under the bed” (MUTB). It’s shorthand for the fear that you’re behind when you’re probably ahead. Because fear is essential for survival, evolution has hard-wired it into everyone, but excessive fear is crippling. Some people need help against the opposite extreme, excessive fearlessness. MUTB will harm your poker results, but being too fearless can destroy your bankroll. Despite obvious dangers, some players take too many chances. They’re too ignorant to recognize dangers, or they deny reality. Ignorance Toddlers clearly illustrate the dangers of ignorance. Until they can walk, they can’t hurt themselves very much. But once they can get around, they have more mobility than sense. They touch hot stoves, stick wires into electrical outlets, walk into traffic, play with vicious dogs, and so on. Quick, reliable feedback teaches them to avoid dangers. If they touch a hot stove ...

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