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Heads Up With Jason Koon

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


Jason Koon is an up-and-coming star on the tournament circuit. Known as “NovaSky”online, Koon has accumulated more than $1.5 million in tournament earnings, and he finished fourth in the WPT Festa al Lago main event. Card Player TV caught up with him to get his thoughts on preflop raise-sizing, and why it is trending smaller and smaller. Jason Koon: When I first started playing, the standard size of a preflop raise was between the pot size and three times the big blind. Over time, this has gotten smaller, mainly because people understand the difference between deep-stack and shallow-stack play. When you are raising in a tournament, you usually have an average stack of 30 to 40 big blinds, so raising large doesn’t give you enough room to maneuver post-flop, and you are making your steal attempts more expensive. By minimum-raising or raising 2.2 times or 2.5 times the big blind, ...

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