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Hand 2 Hand Combat: David Peters Anticipates an Opponent’s Next Move in Order to Trap and Bluff

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


Event 2010 World Series of Poker Europe main event Buy-in $14,796 First Place $1,313,611 Hand No. 1 Blinds: 200-400 Antes: 50 Players at the Table: 9 Stacks: David Peters – 50,000; Villain1 – 45,000; Villain2 – 45,000 Villain1 raises to 1,000 from early position. David Peters calls from middle position with the 4♣ 4♠. Villain2 reraises from the button to 3,350. Craig Tapscott: Do you have any read on Villain2? David Peters: He and I have played together before. I know that he’s a good and aggressive player who isn’t afraid to put chips into the pot. He’s definitely capable of being light here. Villain1 calls. CT: Does the original raiser’s call influence your decision one way or another? DP: Yes. His call makes it easier for me to call, because now there’s more money out there and it’s more likely that I’ll get action if I flop a set. ...

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