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Which Help Should You Get?

Part IV: More help with guilt feelings

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


In my last column, I said that some people need help with guilt feelings, but may not realize it. Poker players hardly ever discuss guilt feelings because they don’t fit our macho, predatory game, but ignoring them can damage your bottom line. Do You Have a Significant Problem? I emphasized “significant” because almost everyone occasionally yields to guilt feelings. For example, if a nearly blind friend was flashing his cards to everyone, you’d probably tell him to stop it. That previous column described several guilt-driven reactions: not betting the river, making small river bets in no-limit and pot-limit, avoiding cash games, chopping a tournament’s prize pool, chatting too much, and not bluffing often enough. The more reactions you have, the bigger your problem. An essential step to solving it is understanding why you have these reactions. Here are some factors that may (or may not) make you feel guilty: Your ...

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