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The Truth About Coin Flips

You shouldn’t avoid them, you should welcome them

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


I have read a number of things about coin flips in no-limit hold’em lately. There are problems with most of what is being written. I really should say errors, but I want to give my fellow authors a break so that they will be a little nicer about my errors. The advice that I’ve read isn’t always the same; it’s usually somewhere between the gentle, “Try to avoid coin flips early in tournaments,” and a stronger dictum that can be summed up as, “Avoid all coin flips, in both tournaments and cash games, at all times.” What is the problem with these ideas? 1. They don’t define coin flips. 2. You generally should welcome them, not avoid them. 3. Even if you decide, incorrectly, that you want to avoid coin flips, no one tells you how you can do it without giving up in a lot of situations in which ...

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