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Asking the Right Questions

A student’s excellent queries

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


I can tell a lot about how well a client poker student of mine plays, and how much my assistance will be of benefit, by the questions he asks me. I have a new no-limit hold’em client who is asking excellent questions that I am sure will be of general interest to poker players. Here are some of our early e-mail exchanges. The material has been slightly edited for this column. Client: I would appreciate your thoughts on the following scenario: I’m in a $5-$10 blinds no-limit hold’em cash game. My stack size is $2,500, I’m on the button, and everyone has me covered. I have a pair of black kings. Preflop, two players limp in and I raise to $50. The big blind calls, and the two limpers call, so I have three opponents. The pot size is $205. The flop comes Q♦ 10♣ 8♦. Everyone checks to me; ...

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