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Pilgrim’s Progress Dwyte Pilgrim Rises From Unknown to WSOP Circuit King to Player of the Year Contender in Two Years

by Ryan Lucchesi |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


Some top poker professionals achieve success so quickly via one big win that they appear to have come out of nowhere, and we wait for them to validate that initial victory with additional strong performances. Thanks to the increased media attention that poker has received since 2003, we have been able to watch some players enter the spotlight. Few players have done so more dramatically than Dwyte Pilgrim. In the last two years, he has built his poker career piece by piece on the tournament circuit. Since January 2008, Pilgrim has scored 40 live-tournament cashes, made 20 final tables, won eight tournaments (including two World Series of Poker Circuit gold rings and one World Poker Tour title), and racked up $1.5 million in tournament earnings. He was a major contender in the Card Player Player of the Year (POY) race throughout 2010, either leading it or residing in the top ...

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