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Make the right choices

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


If you play enough poker, you’re bound to encounter a lot of adverse outcomes; bad luck, they call it. Bad luck’s not so bad by itself, but we all know what bad luck can cause: tilt, a cascade of bad decisions. A poker player’s life is a never-ending struggle to find and implement effective countermeasures against tilt. Here’s one that I’ve been using lately: Instead of thinking about how stinking unlucky I am, I look for something else to do with my mind, and the thing I choose to do is … choose. Poker choices are really pretty simple: call, raise, fold, and that’s about it. If we focused on just choice, we’d be fine, but we don’t focus on just choice. When, for example, we get a string of unplayable hands, we stop thinking in terms of “What’s the right way to solve these puzzles?” and start thinking in ...

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