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Head Games: Powerful Strategies for Short-Stack Tournament Play

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


The Pros: Matt Matros, Michael Benvenuti, and Blair Hinkle Craig Tapscott: Please share some of the key strategy tips that you would give a tournament player in regard to mastering a short stack. Matt Matros: First, learn when you have fold equity and when you don’t. For those who don’t know, “fold equity” is the term for the value in getting all of your opponents to fold and picking up the pot uncontested. With certain stack sizes (say, four big blinds or smaller), your fold equity is effectively zero, as most opponents will call any all-in bet preflop if they’re getting 2-1 or better (and they’re usually right to do so). The idea, then, is to act before you find yourself with such a desperately short stack. You want to be moving in while you still have fold equity. This same logic applies to reraises. You can reraise with a ...

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