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Four Tips for Playing the River

Make yourself a tougher opponent and a more profitable player

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


I think the average $1-$2 and $2-$5 live no-limit hold’em player plays worse on the river than on any other street. This is partly because the bets on the river are large, so mistakes are magnified. But it’s also because most players approach river play with a philosophy that is fundamentally flawed. Most players are far too passive on the river. They check good hands that they should bet for value, and they check busted draws that they should bluff. This general passivity causes problems in other areas of their river game. When they do bet, there often are only a few things they could have, and therefore, the bet becomes simple to respond to. And because they don’t bet often enough, they leave opportunities for more perceptive opponents to win with weak hands at showdown and to steal more than their share of pots. Here are four tips for ...

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