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Adjusting to Acquire the Most Value

Playing your draws

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jan 18, 2011


How to bet your draws in limit hold’em is always defined by the situation’s dynamics. Being adept at adjusting your play based on quantifying the value in betting, calling, or checking your draws is key to obtaining the most from them. Many players have a rigid strategy for playing their draws. They bet all of their flush draws but don’t bet straight draws. Or, they bet straight draws only if no flush draw is present, and so on. But calculating the highest-equity play is more complicated. Much of the value in betting your draws is in the fact that your opponents may fold and you’ll win the pot without making your hand. The probability that your bluff will succeed and how the betting (both yours and your opponents’) will affect your draw’s price are the key immediate concerns. Calculating the value of those factors is no easy matter. It involves ...

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