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Head Games - Strategic Plans for Chipping Up on the Money Bubble and at the Final Table

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


Craig Tapscott: As the money bubble and the final table approach, what are the factors that influence how you adjust your strategy? Bertrand Grospellier: Obviously, you really want to take advantage of players with medium and short stacks who care a lot about the money. And it’s important to try to find out which players got in via a satellite, as they will usually be much more careful on the bubble, while most players who are regulars on the tournament circuit will play to win. Those are two factors to think about when you have a big stack. If you have an average to low stack, things are different. You might want to take advantage of people who are bullying the bubble and raising every hand by three-betting all in at a higher than normal frequency. Once again, it’s very important to identify your opponents’ tendencies, and depending on your ...

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