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Four Tips for Playing the Flop

It’s a critical pot-building betting round

by Ed Miller |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


In the last couple of columns, I’ve been working backward, offering four tips for playing the river and then four tips for playing the turn. This column will discuss playing the flop. The cliche about the flop is that it’s the turning point of the hand, since it’s where more than half of the boardcards are revealed. But the flop isn’t important just because of the number of boardcards that come out. The flop is a critical pot-building betting round. Pots with a flop bet become much larger, on average, than pots without one. This fact makes betting the flop generally attractive, especially against opponents who are passive and unlikely to make large bets on later rounds that test you. If you are adept at playing the large betting rounds, and your opponents aren’t, you want to build the pot. Big pots will enable you to leverage your late-round advantage ...

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