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Mind Over Poker - A Lesson From the Better Business Bureau

by David Apostolico |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


I recently came across an interesting statistic put out by the Better Business Bureau. It estimates that for every 100 people harmed, only four do anything about it. That’s an astonishing fact if you think about it. Only 4 percent of the population is willing to stand up for themselves. Now, my guess is, that number is exaggerated. I’m sure that there are numerous cases of it just not being worth the time or aggravation to do anything about an aggrieved situation. But even when taking that into account, there’s no getting around the unmistakable lesson from this statistic: The great majority of people avoid conflict. People would rather be harmed than face conflict. So, how do we use this in the poker room? We can use it in two big ways. First and foremost, we need to ask ourselves honestly if we are among the large percentage of folks ...

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