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Pot-Limit Omaha: The Flush-Board Check-Raise Percentag

A useful statistic for some players

by Jeff Hwang |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


In my last column, I discussed the flush-board c-bet [continuation-bet] percentage, a custom-made statistic that PokerTracker 3 users can download from the site. I noted that when the flop comes all of one suit in Omaha — making a flush possible — the probability that your opponent actually has a flush is roughly 30 percent in a heads-up pot. However, in pot-limit Omaha (PLO), your opponents — particularly the tougher, more aggressive ones — are generally c-betting far more often than that, especially on flush-board flops. Let’s say that it’s a $1-$2 game online with $200 stacks. The button opens with a raise to $7, and only you call from the big blind. The flop comes J♥ 6♥ 2♥; you don’t have a flush, and you check to your opponent. He bets $7.50, or half the pot. While the typical player c-bets roughly 50 percent to 70 percent of ...

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