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Bipolar Disorder

Very weak or very strong

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


I have been playing poker a long time, and there are many plays that have been around longer than I have been playing. It is always fascinating when a play is given a name. For years, people overplayed drawing hands, like flush draws, in both high draw and no-limit hold’em. Then, David Sklansky coined a name for this type of play — “the semibluff.” In the years after it got a name, it became a better-known play. More people semibluffed, and more people knew that their opponents might be semibluffing, and played accordingly. In fact, semibluffing became overused, or at least misused. I guess that it’s much easier to explain that you tried a semibluff that didn’t work than to state that you made a misguided raise with a draw and then had to fold to a big reraise. (This is a total disaster. By just calling, you put less ...

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