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Hand 2 Hand Combat - John Kim Dives Into the Heads of Two High-Level-Thinking Opponents

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


Event Online six-max no-limit hold’em cash game Blinds $3-$6 Players 6 Stacks John “Nicolak” Kim – $743.25; Villain – $624.00 Hand No. 1 The villain raises from under the gun to $21. John “Nicolak” Kim calls from the button with the 8♦ 7♦. John “Nicolak” Kim: The villain is a CardRunners pro. It’s pretty important to note this, because it enables me to understand his thinking and helps me to assign his range of hands easier as the hand progresses. Flop: 6♦ 4♥ 2♦ (pot: $51) The villain bets $33. Craig Tapscott: Can you run through your options here? JK: Well, I can utilize my position and just call, or I can try to win the pot now by raising, hoping the villain folds a hand like A-K that he whiffed on the flop. But even if he three-bets, I can jam profitably, over the long run, with two overcards, ...

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