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Soft-Playing: Part I

It’s frequently found online

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


According to The Official Dictionary of Poker, soft-playing is a form of collusion in which players have an agreement not to bet or raise each other with anything less than big hands (for the particular situation); that is, they specifically do not bet weak hands or bluffs when they are in a pot with each other. This is done to prevent participants from jointly losing chips to other players. For example, in hold’em, if one player bets middle set and his “friend” raises, the friend is guaranteed to have top set or better. Thus, the first player can safely fold if he doesn’t have money odds to continue. If a player not in on the agreement happens to make a better hand, he wins money only from the better of the two colluders. Soft-playing also involves not pushing a hand when one of the friends has bet and another player ...

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