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Playing Poker Well is a Process

Train your brain

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Feb 18, 2011


Knowing how to play poker well doesn’t mean that you will play poker well. Emotions negatively affect many players, conceivably including you. What many fail to realize is that you also must train your mind to play well. You need to discipline your mind to automatically apply poker concepts that are related to the current situation in a game. If you automatically and unthinkingly apply basic concepts, you can use more of your mental energy for strategic issues, such as adjusting to specific players. Your decisions will then become more accurate, which will bring home the money. Let’s start with a simple example of this process: learning the alphabet as a child. At first, you had to consciously think through the spelling whenever you wrote a word. Now, you can write a sentence without consciously thinking about spelling. Your brain automatically and subconsciously processes the spelling. It’s the same with ...

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