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Rules 101

Protect yourself by knowing the rules

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


During a recent tournament, I observed the following hand take place: The game was Omaha eight-or-better and five people saw the flop of J-10-4. Player A bet, and was called by Player B and Player C. The turn was a queen, and Player A bet again. This time, only Player C called. On the river, a king came. Player A checked, as did Player C. Player A turned over 9-8-3-A for a queen-high straight, and Player C showed J-J-A-3 for the nut straight. A discussion ensued as to whether or not Player C did anything wrong by not betting the nuts when it was checked to him on the button. The tournament director was called over to make a decision. Someone at the table spoke up immediately and suggested that perhaps Player C had been concentrating so hard on his set of jacks that he had forgotten that he had ...

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