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Mind Over Poker

Compete, Play, Win

by David Apostolico |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


I want you to answer a couple of poker questions as honestly as possible. Do you get more satisfaction from winning a pot with a bluff than winning with the best hand at showdown? Have you ever shown a bluff to an opponent who was getting under your skin purely to let him know that you beat him rather than for a true strategic purpose? Now, let’s change gears. Recall the last big argument you had. It doesn’t have to be poker-related. It could have happened anywhere and with anybody. Take a minute to reflect on that argument. How did it start, and why did it escalate? I’m willing to bet that at some point, that argument became all about winning. That is, you forgot why the conversation started and what you were trying to accomplish, and instead directed all of your energy into winning an argument that neither side ...

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