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Alas, an Overcard

A tricky situation

by Ed Miller |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


One common scenario confounds nearly every beginning hold’em player. People ask me about it time and time again. If they hold a big pocket pair and an overcard comes on the flop, they are lost. They are doubly lost if they have to navigate the minefield of an overcard from out of position. People dread a flopped overcard for good reason. When you hold a pocket pair, it seems like that overcard is always bound to come, and when it does, it is a big favorite to stir up some trouble. One Card Player reader recently asked about a hand that he played in which an overcard flopped, and then another overcard came on the turn. Here’s how it went: It was a 25¢-50¢ online shorthanded no-limit hold’em game. The reader had about $50, and so did everyone else except the button, who had about $20. The reader was first ...

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