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‘Easy’ Things to Do to Win at Poker — Part I

Pay more attention

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


Page 48 of my book, Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy, offers a list of things that you need to do while playing to become a winning player. It states that there are other things that you should do away from the table, but it provides a reasonable checklist of what you should think about during a session to become a winning player: • Pay more attention • Select the best games • Learn how your opponents play • Study betting patterns • Analyze every situation • Plan in advance • Play focused on the game • Count the pot • Compute the odds • Figure out how the play might go • Estimate what your opponents think you hold and how you should respond • Then, make a decision Of course, taken together, that list represents quite a few things that you constantly need to keep in mind. When I think ...

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