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|  Published: Oct 02, 2009


Setback in Colorado: Judge ‘Disapproves’ Poker Ruling Defendant Will File an Appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court By Stephen A. Murphy It was hailed as a monumental victory for poker. A jury had ruled that poker is a game of skill, and a man was exonerated as a result of the decision. Now, just over a year after this tumultuous story began, an appellate judge has disapproved of a trial judge’s decision that allowed expert testimony in support of poker being identified as a game of skill. “I was shocked when I found out the district attorney was even going to appeal it in the first place, and then I was even more shocked at the judge’s ruling,” said Kevin Raley, a Colorado engineer who was found not guilty of “illegal gambling” after his bar poker league was raided by local law enforcement in August 2008. “It just amazes me ...

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