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Triple-Draw Lowball: Part V

Second-round strategy

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


In my last column, I discussed deuce-to-seven triple-draw lowball first-round strategy, and how to avoid being second-bested. Now, let’s take a look at second-round strategy. Second Round Players have drawn once to their hands and now make a decision whether to continue. The betting is still at the lower level, so you will see players still playing the same cards they started with. That is, if they came in with rough two-card draws and even three-card draws, they’ll stay in this round, also. You, on the other hand, should be more selective with the hands you play. And what you play will often depend on the actions of the others. If you have any good one-card draw or a good pat 8 or better, you should be willing to cap the betting. (Sometimes that pat 8 will turn into a one-card draw.) As in the first round, slow-playing is not ...

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