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The 20-Year Rule

Defeating Tilt

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


People get bent out of shape when playing poker. Really, they do. I’m sure that you’ve noticed it. Some people freak out altogether at the first sign of adversity. They manifest this through bad play, bad vibes, bad attitude, or what have you. Online, you see the most egregious examples of this, where some clown without self-restraint takes a bad beat and immediately launches into a vitriolic chat-box rant, something on the order of, “I hate you, I hope you die.” Every now and then, of course, we find someone representing this attitude while actually maintaining a pretty cool head. It’s called faux tilt, and it’s not a bad strategy — if you can manage it — for there’s nothing so powerful as a big hand in harmony with a seemingly bad attitude. Faux tilt is rare, though; more often than not, the player who thinks he’s just representing tilt ...

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