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The Curse of Scotland

The 9♦

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Oct 02, 2009


The 9 is known as the Curse of Scotland, and I am currently touring Scotland. The first week of the tour was by coach (bus). Taking a coach tour is a little like playing in a poker tournament. You must start earlier than you want; you spend long hours in an uncomfortable seat; bathroom breaks and meals occur only at specific times; long hours of boredom are punctuated by occasional periods of wonder and excitement. I am presently in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where the Fringe Festival takes place every August. There are about 2,000 events every day. These events include comedy, music, dance, and theatre, and they usually last around an hour. Some are wonderful, but others are not so hot. Why is the 9 known as the Curse of Scotland? There are several explanations. The most likely is that The Duke of Cumberland may have written the ...

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