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Real Life vs. Online

Some subtle differences

by Matt Matros |  Published: May 28, 2010


If you’re an online player who’s trying to make the transition into brick-and-mortar casino tournaments, you’ve probably read a lot about tells, table etiquette, the rules regarding what you can do and say, and just about everything else that’s new to a person who has never played against live-action opponents. What’s not often mentioned, however, is that the structure and organization of a brick-and-mortar casino event have some significant differences from online tournaments. I’m going to spell out some of those differences, so that online players can be a bit more prepared for that first face-to-face encounter. An online tournament has many luxuries for its organizers, one of which is that all players can be seated at the same time, at the perfect number of tables. There is no worry about tables being shorthanded, little worry about the tournament selling out, and perhaps most importantly, no worry that the table ...

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