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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Mike McDonald

Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald Shares Strategy for Big Buy-In Events at the Early Levels

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 28, 2010


Event: 2010 European Poker Tour San Remo main event Players in the Event: 1,240 Buy-in: $7,436 First Prize: $1,691,874 Hand No. 1 Players at the Table: 10 Stacks: Mike McDonald – 27,000; Villain – 45,000 Blinds: 100-200 Mike McDonald raises from the hijack position to 525 with the 10 9. Villain calls from the big blind. Craig Tapscott: It’s early in day one of this main event. Set up your read on the villain at this point. Mike McDonald: The villain in the big blind seems to be a pretty decent player. (I later found out that he was online professional Darren Elias.) He’s been active, but hasn’t done anything too out of the ordinary. At one point, he had a set and bet 950 into a four-way pot of 1,200 on a 5-3-2 board. He then bet 2,500 into a pot of 3,100 on a 3 turn, holding fives ...

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