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Why I Love Limit Hold’em

It’s almost a perfect game

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: May 28, 2010


Sometime ago, I discussed why I choose to play cash games instead of tournaments. Shortly after that column appeared, some people asked me to explain why I elect to play limit hold’em with so much no-limit around. In general, I think my audience would rather have me discuss strategy than personal preferences, but this is a milestone Card Player column for me, my 150th, so I’ll discuss some personal preferences and my views of the two most popular forms of cash games. Here is why I play limit hold’em: • The game plays quickly. • You see more hands, so reading players is easier. • The strategies are deeper than most players realize. • “Bad beats,” although more frequent, can’t destroy your whole session. • Weaker players have a better chance to win. The game plays quickly: I am a fairly patient guy, which is one of my strengths at ...

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