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Trying to Squeeze Out Extra Equity

Creating maximum potential to earn extra bets

by Roy Cooke |  Published: May 28, 2010


Many players avoid tight games, particularly those who overemphasize hand selection. They find themselves unable to obtain edge over opponents whose hand-selection standards are equal to their own. Edge gained from superior hand selection arises principally from the fact that your opponents are playing hands that are eventually second-best. When that edge is not available, players who rely on hand selection for their edge cannot obtain an advantage. There are many other edges available in poker beyond hand selection. And while large-pot games can be a lot of fun, tight games can present as many profitable opportunities, with significantly less bankroll risk and stress. In tight games, the profit comes from squeezing extra equity out of situations that your opponents don’t, creating extra edge. The equity from those bets adds up significantly over time, and the money it puts in your wallet is just as green. Early one afternoon, I ...

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