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The Scoop -- Steve Gross

by The Scoop |  Published: May 28, 2010


Steve “Gboro780” Gross won the 2009 Card Player Online Player of the Year (OPOY) award, but this online tournament superstar is far from being a one-year wonder. He finished runner-up in the OPOY race in 2008, and remains at the top of the leader board thus far in 2010. Even with almost $3 million in lifetime tournament winnings, this young superstar is just getting started. Diego Cordovez: I don’t play a lot of live tournaments; in fact, I’ve played the World Series only the past couple of years, but at the Series, I see guys who aren’t necessarily as accomplished as you, but who are pretty good Internet players, trying to make some moves that aren’t going to work. It’s not just a different arena, but a whole different demographic. The third or fourth bet in a live tournament doesn’t mean what it means online, and you know that, but ...

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