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The Real Value of Suited Connectors

How to play them profitably

by Ed Miller |  Published: May 28, 2010


Suited connectors are widely misunderstood hands. A while back, I wrote a column called “How Suited Connectors Cost You Money.” In that column, I discussed a common way that many people misplay suited connectors, and how it costs them money. This column is also about suited connectors, but here, I’ll focus more on how to play them profitably. A common misconception about suited connectors is that they are “multiway hands.” The idea is that if you hold a hand like the 6 5, you want nothing more than to have six people in the pot with you. Some people even take the idea so far as to say that they’d rather have 6-5 suited in a seven-handed pot than pocket aces. The reality is that suited connectors are OK hands in multiway pots, and only OK. Their obvious upside is that they can make straights and flushes, hands strong enough ...

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