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Generation Next -- Ben Eliass

Ben ‘BoyWonder’ Eliass Slays Opponents With the Power of Now

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 28, 2010


Ben Eliass lost the precious bankroll that he had built up from a small deposit online, and it disturbed him. He lost sleep, and felt guilty, anxious, and confused. Life had been good … well, at least before poker had come along. So why, in a matter of minutes, had this inconsequential loss of money rattled Eliass’ mind, causing him to lose his newfound sense of peace and happiness? Back in 2006, Eliass’ love for life had been reawakened after years of sensing a lack of purpose in his day-to-day living. Also around this time, he’d been introduced to poker, a game that both intrigued and challenged him. But the physical, mental, and emotional distress of losing his bankroll had rocked his new world. Why? For the answers, he turned within. “I began to see the game as sort of spiritual practice,” said Eliass. “I had been learning to do ...

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