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by Card Player News Team |  Published: May 28, 2010


Heads Up With Eric Baldwin

Eric BaldwinEric Baldwin won the Card Player 2009 Player of the Year award as a result of his incredible results. With that honor, his World Series of Poker bracelet, 11 career titles, and more than $2.5 million in live-tournament winnings, Baldwin has established himself as a top tournament player. He recently sat down with Card Player TV to discuss playing the early levels of a deep-stack tournament.*

Julio Rodriguez: If you pick up a big hand like aces early in a tournament, do you try to isolate against a weaker player at the table, trying to get the chips all in?

Eric Baldwin: It would take a really bad player to be able to get all the money in preflop, unless it’s aces against kings and the player is only kind of bad [laughing]. With a hand like aces, you need to make your raise size such that it sets up the way that you want the pot to play out. If you want only about three opponents but it has been limped eight ways, you are probably going to have to raise a little bit more than you would in an online tournament in order to set up a three-way pot. You have to do things that may look goofy on the surface, but basically all you are trying to do is set up the type of pot that you want to play after the flop. Spade Suit

Jon Friedberg Hosts New Card Player TV Show

On April 26, Jon Friedberg hosted the series premiere of Under the Gun, a new show on Card Player TV that ratchets up the dialogue in the poker community and addresses anything and everything that is going on in the industry.

The series, sponsored by, will feature Friedberg as its host, along with a rotating panel of pros.

Under the Gun with John FriedbergUnder the Gun extends far beyond any existing poker show. The show’s unscripted and uncensored panel format is guaranteed to reveal the most detailed insights into the views, lifestyles, opinions, and strategies possessed by today’s most successful poker players, at and away from the tables.

Each Monday, Friedberg and the Card Player TV crew will be joined by a guest panel of poker’s top online and live pros, industry figureheads, and other celebrities to debate and discuss all of the hottest topics in poker, news, gossip, strategy, and events in the poker world and beyond.

“My primary motivation for creating Under the Gun is to inspire people by way of exposing the mindsets and lifestyles of the most successful people in poker and beyond,” Friedberg said. “I hope to inspire people to elevate their own poker skills, and to pursue all of their dreams, just as I am doing.”

Friedberg will often take the cameras out of the studio to join today’s poker celebrities for nights on the town, days on the golf course, and other deviant ventures to show what really happens away from the tables.

Head to to check out the show. Spade Suit