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Don’t Turn Your Back on Backers

Be thankful for them

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: May 28, 2010


I guess I’m becoming a grumpy old man or something, because I’m finding more and more pet peeves in the poker world. My latest one concerns people who get staked (or partially staked) in a tournament, win one of the top prizes (or win outright), and then gripe that they should have paid the entire buy-in themselves. Then, they begrudgingly hand the proper share of the prize money to their backer, with a look that suggests that he should be eternally grateful for getting his cut. (In case you are wondering, I have not been involved in this scenario. I just get very annoyed when I see it take place.) Hey, Mr. Tournament Player, if you knew that you were going to do so well, you obviously should have manned up and paid the entire buy-in. But, you didn’t. You knew that there was significant risk involved. You didn’t want ...

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