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Muddy Road Redux

Put the girl down!

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


Not all the time, but every now and then when I’m playing poker, someone will recognize me as that Killer Poker guy and ask me some question or another about poker, life, writing, or just “the isness of it all.” Sometimes these questions can get quite cheeky, like, “If you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?” or, “Say, JV, where did all your chips go?” Occasionally, though, the discussion will turn thoughtful, as it did recently, when someone asked me, “From a poker perspective, what’s the most important thing you know?” I may have answered glibly, something from my standard repertoire like, “Don’t play garbage hands” or “Slow-play aces, go to hell.” But the question stayed with me, and today I combed my poker mind, and poker archives, seeking a better answer than just, “Good cards good, bad cards bad.” After some musing and searching, I arrived at a ...

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