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Extracting the Extra Value

An important concept to understand

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


Much of the equity value that you receive from a hand comes from how you play the hand. Average players make basic betting errors, causing their holdings to lose much of their value. If you find yourself getting lower value than your opponents in comparable situations, you are in a world of hurt at the poker table. Those extra bets that you gain or lose in the play of a hand add up significantly over time. Good players make every effort to extract every ounce of value from their winning hands and reduce the lost-value cost of their losing hands. I was deep into a $30-$60 limit hold’em session. A loose tourist limped in from up front and I raised from middle position with the K Q. The button called, as did a woman in the big blind. Four of us saw the flop, which was K 2 2. It ...

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