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The Power of Deception

by Eduard Antonyan |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


Game: $2-$4 no-limit hold’em Opponent: Aggressive medium-stakes regular Stacks $400 (mine); $400 (his) My Cards: A Q My Position: Big blind In today’s aggressive online hold’em games, being able to deceive your opponent about the strength of your hand can be the difference between winning a small pot and scooping a monster. In this column, I’m going to look at how mixing up your play can help you extract some value that playing “straightforwardly” would have missed out on. In a $400 buy-in $2-$4 no-limit hold’em cash game online, the action was folded around to the button, who opened for $12. I defended my big blind with the A Q. Given the aggressive nature of most online cash games, reraising with my A-Q preflop would certainly be a fine play. As a matter of fact, most opponents would probably expect me to reraise with A-Q in this situation, given how ...

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