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Mind Over Poker

Playing Hunches

by David Apostolico |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


When it comes to playing hunches, hindsight tends not to be 20/20. Rather, hindsight becomes distorted with images of that full house that could have been yours if you had just played that 6-3 offsuit that you had a feeling about. Or, more likely, that hindsight gets completely blown away by a made gutshot straight when you just knew that four-outer was going to come on the river. These are the hands we tend to remember that reinforce our notion that our hunches often prove true. When that gutshot straight doesn’t materialize, we blame the poker gods and curse our bad luck, but we don’t doubt our hunch. Of course, if we are playing objective, emotionally detached poker, we should be making good decisions based on the information available at the time such decision is made. Your potential outs are certainly a factor to consider, but your decision should be ...

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