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Poker for Pleasure

Play for enjoyment

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


A great deal has been written about how to win at poker. Hundreds of thousands of pages have been devoted to teaching players odds, strategies, and tactics — not to mention all that has been written about reading your opponents and making yourself hard to read. There has also been a lot written about maintaining discipline and avoiding tilt, moving up to the next level, and beating ever tougher opposition. You can read unlimited amounts about the best way to play in tournaments and in cash games, and what the differences are. I know, because I have written my share on these topics. All of these words are devoted to making you a better player. Authors dedicate themselves to helping other players make money, maybe even a lot of money. But the sad truth is that most players lose, some break about even, and only a few win consistently. And ...

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