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Generation Next -- Ken Leathart

Balance is the Key to Ken Leathart’s Tournament Game

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 25, 2009


Online no-limit hold’em tournaments are like walking a mile-high tightrope; they’re a precarious balancing act between hyperaggression and a “tight is right” strategy. Teeter one way or the other too much and your chip stack will eventually spiral downward. Online tournament star Ken Leathart understands how to adjust to the solid, tough players as well as the spewing fish, and still maintain the equilibrium required to accumulate chips. “I try to balance out my fits of aggression and my full-scale inner nit,” said Leathart. “I’m working on scaling back the risks, and am playing more small-pot poker. Sure, you need to take calculated risks, but not too many by calling too much. I should be avoiding some of those spots. It’s my natural desire to accumulate chips, but it can become a shortsighted focus. I’m learning to master the balance between the two.” Leathart has capitalized on the meticulous self-examination ...

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